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Castellammare del Golfo


Castellammare del Golfo,According to the opinions of historians and geographers, it was in origin the warehouse of the city of Segesta, the place where the elimi, ancient though mysterious people, practised their commerce with foreign vessels. The history of the city is therefore analogous to the one of Segesta, at least until 827 a.C. when it becomes Arabian. Castellamare was in constant discord with the nearby Selinunte and often engaged in bloody fights while it always rotated around the powerful Cartago, which made of the Segesta warehouse one of the most important fortified centres of northern Sicily.

Castello di Castellammare del Golfo But the Arabs were those who gave the centre, renamed Al Madarig which means the steps, maybe because of a very steep lane - the special connotation of a citadel, rendered impregnable by the stronghold they built and it became thus a pole of great commercial importance, also due to the tonnara and the loader. During the XIII century it became a feudal borough and was encircled by strong walls and a fosse.
Castellammare claims a valuable environment and landscape asset. The territory has a beautiful coast, from where the relieves of the Inici and Sparagio mountains, partly covered by woods, rise steeply in a spectacular scenery of the nature. Compared to the beautiful and wide sandy shore of the east of the village, the western coast, the one we are interested in, is rather very indented. The rocks fall steep down to spellbound bays, stacks, stunning creeks, small coves and grottos, which can be approached only from the sea and seem a frame for the clear sea full of fish. Marvellous landscapes, still covered by the rests of the original maquis succeed one another: one of the most enchanting places of the Mediterranean Sea.

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