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The agency Tuscan Feeling RE srl was founded by Adriana Vermi in January 1997, and after a few years Maria Cecilia Cecconi joined the company.

Adriana Vermi was born on 13 April 1963 in Milan. She frequented the German School "Istituto Giulia" in Milan, where she studied several languages: German, English, French, Spanish. After finishing High School, she worked for six years in the import-export sector in Milan, while constantly using her language skills. In 1988, she moved to Florence and became familiar with the tourism sector by working for a holiday rental agency. In view of the increasing interest in Tuscany of foreign clients and the scarce knowledge of foreign languages of many local real estate agents, she decided to open her own business in 1997.

Cecilia Cecconi was born on 24 Nov 1965 in San Polo in Chianti, a little village close to Florence. She frequented the International Linguistic High School in Florence, where she studied English, German, French. After the High School she studied Russian, while starting to accumulate practical professional experience in the tourism sector. She was employed in a camping site, in hotels and as tour guide in the Chianti region and in Florence. From 1997 to 2000 she worked as responsible for bookings and reception in farmhouses in the Chianti region, renting holiday apartments to tourists. These professional experiences permitted her to use constantly her language skills and to acquire an excellent knowledge of the region.

In 2005 Elena Orciani joined the team. Born in Fano (Pesaro) on 16 Nov 1967 she frequented the Linguistic High School "Santa Marta" in Florence, where she studied English and French and obtained also a degree at the Goldmer House in Oxford. After the first experiences as an hostess for Congresses and Exhibitions in Florence and as employed in a travel agency in London, she worked for more than 10 years in a Florentine company renting bare-boats for tourists all over the world. Dealing directly with clients and owners of the boats requested by this profession has developed in her a particular skill in successful and winning communication.

Why Tuscan Feeling?
When we chose the name of our agency, we thought about what we wanted to let people know about Tuscany. The Tuscany that we love and we want to introduce to you is the place of everyday emotions, of simple feelings to discover with senses, with body, with mind, feelings are often forgotten in our usual fast life. A holiday is the occasion to slow down and to remember them.

Tuscan Feeling is the variation of the colours that nature can offer. Discover Tuscany through your vision.
Tuscan Feeling is the ancient flavour of a simple meal. Discover Tuscany through your sense of taste.
Tuscan Feeling is the perfumes of herbs in the bushes. Discover Tuscany through your sense of smell.
Tuscan Feeling is to recover sensation of body. Discover Tuscany through your sense of touch.
Tuscan Feeling is to learn to listen to the sound of silence. Discover Tuscany through your sense of hearing.
Tuscan Feeling is the emotion of endless time. Discover Tuscany with a new rhythm of life.

Our Services
Tuscan Feeling offers a large selection of apartments, villas, and other properties in Florence, Sicily, Tuscany, Umbria, and Venice for long and short term rentals.

Tuscan Feeling mainly deals with apartments rental for foreign clients and offers a professional service, which is based on both the excellent knowledge of the sector and the multiple foreign language skills. The diversified services include the weekly rentals of apartments, villas, and houses in the city of Florence and in the countryside and long-term rentals of houses and apartments both in the city and in the countryside.

The big advantage is the ability of being in close contact with both the clients and the landlords and to be present as a helping partner to both sides. Tuscan Feeling includes in the services the constant control over the holiday homes and properties that are offered and the full assistance during the client's stay in Italy (guided tours, wine tasting, cooking-courses, car rental with chaffeur, wedding consultancy, etc.)

Other Services
Along with the rental of apartments and villas, we offer several services to our clients, by relying on partners with whom we have been working since a long time and whom we have "tested" personally. We can offer you:

1.Guided Tours in Tuscany - 2 funny persons will bring you to discover the Tuscan countryside with daily trips on bycicles or with healthy walks, with organized trips with bus or at the discovery of the culinary tradition of Tuscany.
2.Car Rentals with Chauffeur
3. Wine and Olive Oil Tastings
We offer to our clients the possibilty to visit a winery with production of Chianti wine and tuscan olive oil with tasting of the products on the spot.
4. Cooking courses - if you wish to enjoy a particular experience to learn how to cook tipical tuscan dishes
5. Wedding organizer and consultancy
A good agency specialized in wedding organization for italian and foreigner clients, anniversaries, receptions, birthday parties and events in Tuscany. Qualified staff will assist you in the selection of the locations for the reception and for all the annexed services like catering, floral decorations, photoshoots, video, musical entertainment, hire of old fashion cars and of your wedding trip
6. Special tours in Florence and surroundings
7. Language Courses in Florence
For more information please check out our Other Services page.

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